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  • What can a dome be used for?
    Our geodesic domes can be used for personal residences, extra rooms, guest houses, rental cabins, special events, greenhouses, home office, storage area and any other needed space.
  • How much does a dome cost?
    Pricing depends upon your specific needs. Our sales and technical team will work with you to design a customized solution based upon your personal requirements.
  • How durable are the domes? What is the lifespan of a Shelter Dome?
    Our geodesic domes have an estimated lifespan of at least 10 years and include a five year manufacturer warranty on the dome structure and materials. The dome's structural frame is high quality Q235 anti-rust galvanized steel pipe, which is considered one of the world's most durable metals for outdoor use. The synthetic fiber marine grade exterior lining has a double faced PVC coating which is water-proof, mold and mildew resistant, UV resistant, flame retardant (B1 DIN 4102/ GB8642/ NFPA 701) and incredibly rugged. All seams are joined by strong high frequency welds. Our technical team factory tests all materials before shipping to make sure that our products adhere to the highest quality standards and arrive to you, our valued customer, in excellent condition.
  • Is the dome a permanent structure?
    We consider the dome a near permanent structure but there are a few items to note that set it apart from a traditional permanent structure. Since the geodesic dome is considered one of the strongest structures known to man, it’s skeletal structure and roof can be made from a minimum of materials. Instead of having thick walls, needed to withstand the weight of a traditional heavy roof structure, the dome combines the walls and roof structure into one lightweight single geodesic frame. The geodesic frame is sheathed with a lightweight PVC vinyl fabric roof. The marine grade PVC coated vinyl will not last for 25 years like some traditional roof material may, but it is guaranteed for 5 years and if taken care of property should last for much longer.
  • How well does the dome resist salty coastal air?
    Its windload is 80 - 100 km/h. It can stand temperature between -40 degree celsius to +70 degree celsius. Any structure, no matter how well constructed, will deteriorate much quicker if built in very close proximity to the ocean. That being said, our domes are built with materials that offer maximum resistance to salty air. Our dome structures are constructed with rust and corrosion resistant galvanized steel or aluminum alloy parts making them very resistant to salt spray. The exterior sheathing is a durable PVC coated marine grade vinyl which seals out salt air intrusion.
  • How well does the dome perform in cooler, rainer, high altitude climates?"
    Its windload is 80 - 100 km/h. It can stand temperature between -40 degree celsius to +70 degree celsius. The dome is perfect for weather at those altitudes. The exterior PVC coated marine grade vinyl sheathing tightly seals the interior of your dome from the elements on the exterior and the insulation kit on the interior will help maintain your dome at a nice constant temperature.
  • How secure are the dome?
    Though the dome exterior is constructed of a heavy duty marine grade PVC fabric there is a slight risk of someone cutting it to gain illegal entry into the dome. We recommend installing your dome in a secure area and take necessary security precautions as with any traditionnal home or business.
  • What are the dome sizes? Can I order a custom dome?
    Shelter’s geodesic domes come in standard sizes from 5 to 20 meters in diameter but if you prefer a unique size or customization we can work with you to design a dome that meets your specific needs. We help fine tune your idea into a concept and make it a reality.
  • Can my dome be ordered with more than one door?  What kind of doors are available?
    You can decide the amount and types of doors you prefer on your dome according to your requirements. Optional doors include a round PVC door, double or single wing glass doors, and wooden doors.
  • Can I place windows on my dome?
    Yes, you can design your dome with multiple window types and configurations. We offer a center dome skylight, large bay or small round transparent PVC windows, round openable glass aluminum alloy frame windows and we have a simple triangular roll up PVC fabric window with heavy duty mosquito proof screen.
  • How can I ventilate and cool my dome?
    Shelter Dome’s can be designed with ventilation in mind. Your dome can be customized with as many windows, screens and doors you like, plus we have a roof mounted Solar Fan Extractor to exhaust hot air and help stimulate more airflow. Standard air conditioners and fans can be installed and are recommended in the humid tropics to maintain your dome cool and dry.
  • Can I print a logo or change the color of my dome?
    Yes, you can print a logo on your dome and change the color of the PVC fabric.
  • Is it possible to join multiple domes together?
    Yes, domes can be joined together in custom configurations and connected with awnings or tunnels.
  • How do I pay for the dome?
    50% at signing of your order agreement 30% When your dome ships from Asia 20% Final payment when dome is delivered at your site
  • Where in Panama can you ship my dome?
    We can deliver your dome package anywhere in Panama that has road access.
  • Once ordered, how long before my dome is delivered?"
    Estimated Production-Delivery Time Frame: Production - 30 - 45 days Shipping from Asia to Panama - Four to six weeks Customs Import Clearance - Two weeks Panama City to Site - One to two days *Complex customized or very large orders may experience increased production times.
  • Do you provide a platform for the dome?
    We do not currently construct the base which the dome is set upon. Since all the dome needs is a flat area to support a floor, and your dome is very lite compared to traditional construction, an architect, engineer or qualified contractor can easily design and build the deck or floor structure.
  • On which type of ground can I set up my dome?
    Our domes can be installed on any type of above ground platfrom, concrete floor, grass, gravel or sand. The only requirement is that the area is flat and level.
  • Is the construction included in the price?
    We do not currently offer complete installation services, but may in the near future. What we can offer is a consultant with dome installation experience who can guide your local crew in dome set-up. You would have to cover a small fee for the consultant’s time and travel expense.
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